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Gain runescape experience in a particular skill

The fastest way to gain experience in a particular skill in Runescape can vary depending on the skill and the player's preferences, but here are some general tips:

Quests: Completing quests can often give large amounts of experience in a skill, particularly in the early levels. Check the quest rewards and choose quests that give experience in the skill you want to train.

Training methods: Each skill has different training methods, some of which are faster than others. Research the fastest training methods for your skill, and make sure you have the required items or equipment.

Skill boosting items: Certain items or equipment can boost your experience gain in a particular skill. For example, the dragon pickaxe gives a higher mining speed, which can result in faster mining experience.

Dailies: Some skills have daily activities that give experience. For example, the Rune Goldberg Machine in the Runecrafting skill can give daily experience.

Minigames: Certain minigames give experience in specific skills. For example, the Barbarian Assault minigame gives experience in the Agility, Attack, Strength, and Defence skills.

Bonus experience: Using bonus experience, such as experience lamps or bonus experience from minigames, can speed up the rate at which you gain experience.

Remember, the fastest way to gain experience may not always be the most enjoyable or profitable. Consider your goals and playstyle when choosing a training method.

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